• Changyuan Group’s core corporate culture:

    Innovation-based development and pursuit of excellence

  • Changyuan Group management policy:

    Comply with national laws and regulations, meet market demand while focusing

    on achieving better efficiency, saving energy and reducing material consumption, do

    everything possible to achieve full load production and sales of profitable products

    and benefit all stakeholders, the society and the country, the customers, employees,

    investors, suppliers and partners. Benefiting everybody is the company’s ultimate purpose.

  • Objective of Changyuan group:

    By making use the company’s advantage as the world's largest manufacturer of

    permanganate, develop new markets and provide customers with good-quality,

    efficient, environmentally friendly products and services. Focus on the research and

    development of clean chromate production technologies to make chromate an environmentally friendly product

    so that people no longer turn pale at the mention of chromium. Improve people’s quality

    of life by providing good-quality and safe manganese chromium products.

  • Changyuan Group's philosophy:

    Take innovation as the guide, invigorate business operation through science and technology and seek survival from product quality.

    Hold knowledge in high esteem, make good use of existing talents, renew ideas, and cultivate and discover talents.

    Select useful talents using various means, focus on performance and reward meritorious personnel.

    Build stronger capability, attract talents in all fields, invigorate business operation through science and technology and use talents boldly.

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