Twenty years ago, Chongqing Jialing Chemical Co., Ltd. stepped on the way of innovation with the dream of changing the manganese salt industry. Jialing experienced old process obsolescence, new process exploration and innovative technology industrialization. The company had also gone through restructuring, relocating, renaming, group company setting up and had developed accordingly. Changyuan registered its tradename in fierce competition, become the leader in global permanganate industry, and accomplished all aspects of preparation for sustainable development.

The country have put forward "China Dream". The company also have its "Changyuan Dream"- to change the current situation of Chromium salt in China and the world. Changyuan hope to change the disturbing chromium salt manufacturing process into an environmentally friendly one, and to become the leading company in China’s as well as the world’s chromium salt industry.

There is reason to believe that with market-oriented strategy, and advantages in technology, environment protection, quality and cost, Changyuan’s dream to become another world number one will come true.


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