By continuing to strengthen management and technical innovation, consolidate the position as a leader of the global market for permanganate products, enhance the competitiveness of the chromate product and become the pattern changer of the world's chromic salt industry.


Become a model of advanced technology, resource conservation and environmental friendliness in the industry and an outstanding enterprise that assumes social responsibilities, has a global position in the industry and is duly respected.


Own three production bases in Rongchang and Baiyin, two markets in China and in the world and first-rate products, first-rate management and first-rate talents


Permanganate: consolidating and strengthening the position as the market leader

Development idea

1. After years of extraordinary development, Changyuan company has become the world's largest potassium permanganate producer (with an output and sales volume exceeding 80% of the domestic market and 60% of the global market), having important influence in other areas of permanganate;
2. Having deeply involved in the chromic salt industry, the company has made breakthroughs in all aspects of technology and is accelerating the process of comprehensive industrialization to realize clean production, which will exert a subversive influence on the pattern of the future chromic salt industry.
3. In the National 13th Five-Year Plan period: "innovation, harmony, greenness, openness, sharing";
4. It is our inevitable choice to grasp the changing trend of the country's political and economic environment, focus on advantages, gather resources and accelerate development.

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