The environment

Environmentally protective production:

The outlook of modern chemical industry has changes significantly, which focuses on translating scientific and technological achievements into productivity. Only those whose production process is tightly enclosed and continuous and has other characteristics can be called environmentally friendly products. The company has applied itself to making technological improvement of its production processes to providing training to all of its employees, practicing accurate operation and management ensure environmental protection. People have come to realize the charm of modern chemical industry and give more attention and support.

Participation in energy management:

Effective saving of energy is the chemical industry's attitude to social responsibility:

※ Achieved the energy-saving goal set by the municipal government of Chongqing for the 12th five-year plan period with excellent results;

※ Establish a management system for energy conservation and consumption, touch each management node, and reduce the amount of water, electricity, gas and other resources.

※ Implemented environmental improvement projects and uninterrupted monitoring and adjustment of production from the beginning, in the process and at the end so that energy consumption is under best control.

※ Carried out supervision and assessment of the energy-saving target defined in the annual plan and adjust production according to the result of supervision and assessment.

Key projects implemented:

※ In 2008, the technical improvement project for the utilization of residual heat and optimization of the energy system to maximize the utilization of coal.

※ In 2013, the water recycling project to increase the utilization of reclaimed water and reduce the one-time use of water.

※ In 2014, the refrigeration water network renovation project to reduce power consumption and the operating cost of refrigeration.

※ In 2015, the comprehensive manganese slag utilization project to turn residue slags from production into environmentally a friendly building material; at present the product has been successfully launched and well-received in the market.

※ In 2016, the heavy metal pollution elimination project in Baiyin City, Gansu Province at the request of Gansu Provincial People’s Government; currently the elimination plan has been completed and the project is underway as planned.

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