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Lovely water resources

Water (chemical formula: H2O) is composed of two inorganic elements, hydrogen and oxygen. At normal temperatures and pressures, it is a colorless, odorless, transparent liquid, known as the source of human life. Water is one of the most common substances on the earth. It is an important resource for all living things including inorganic compounds and human beings. It is also the most important component of organisms. Water plays an important role in the evolution of life:

The earliest life in the world was born in water.

Water is the source of life. To live and live happily by the water is the best choice that human being has ever made to survive and prosper.

Throughout the human history, none of the countries with a long history have not thrived by large rivers.

The human body consists of 70% of water. The body needs water to participate in its metabolism. In the end of metabolism, water serves as the carrier take waste and toxic substances out of the body. Water is so important to the body that it is simply irreplaceable. Without water, metabolism will stop and the human life will be endangered.

In modern industry, no sector does not use water, and no industry is not related with water, either directly or indirectly.

Lovely water resources, as the basis for all things to live on, you are the necessities of life.

Water, what you don't know about

1. Always drinking the same kind of water can easily cause disease. Experts suggest a new way of drinking water, that is, people with different family structures or from different age groups drink water with different mineral contents.

2. Good water provides people with fresh, energetic, good blood. It not only maintains life, but also makes people physically and mentally healthy and full of vitality. Drinking unclean or unhealthy water daily makes people feel tired just like having taken the wrong medicine and in the course of time people will find themselves heading involuntarily to the sickroom and even to death.

Water pollutants can usually be divided into three major categories: biological, physical and chemical. Biological pollutants include bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Physical pollutants include suspended solids, thermal pollution, and radioactive pollution. Chemical pollutants include organic and inorganic compounds.

4. Drink bottled water from a water dispenser is now very common, but what you do not know is that the secondary pollution caused by this way of drinking water is far more serious that it seems to enable people to drink good quality water! The test results released by the national environmental sanitation inspection department show that a large number of bacteria like colon bacillus, staphylococcus, etc. will develop in the hot and cold water chambers in the water dispenser if they are not used for three months without cleaning.

5. Bottled water is easy to carry and drink by simply unscrewing the cap. But in fact, the PET bottle used to hold the water often contains substances that may cause chronic poisoning of the body, especially when the bottle is placed in a high temperature environment, or the water is not drunk after the bottle is opened, which gives harmful substances a chance to get into the water to cause health hazards.

6. Do not drink tap water immediately after it is boiled. As tap water is chlorinated, the chlorine combines with the residual organic matter in the water to produce a variety of carcinogenic compounds such as halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform.

7. Water pollution is currently very serious China. According to the Bulletin on China’s Environment Situation, of the 140,000 kilometers of river evaluated, nearly 40% has been seriously polluted and of the seven large river systems, water quality rated inferiority level of V accounts for 41%.

Lovely water resources, when have you begun to become a luxury to the human being?

We are working hard

By making use of potassium permanganate’s strong oxidation characteristic, the company is committed to the development and popularization of a composite water treatment agent that can effectively control the water color, odor, algae, mutagens, disinfection by-products, reducing organic pollutants, and has a significant effect on controlling the content of iron and manganese in water. The new pretreatment process using the compound brine treatment agent is simple and easy to operate. It is a safer drinking water treatment agent than the traditional use of chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, etc. We hope that through the continuous efforts of the research and development team, the highly effective and safe water treatment agent will be widely used in water purification and high quality drinking water will be made available to thousands of households so that every family can drink the same water without having to worry about health!

Touch the environmental protection

Silver company entrusted by the people's government of baiyin, gansu province, to undertake heavy metal pollution treatment project, the project is mainly aimed at the original silver chromic salt factory using backward technology to produce pollution process and the legacy of history. After repeated scientific validation and planning, to develop a set of effective treatment scheme, the project can fundamentally eliminate chromium pollution sites directly influence to human body health, prevent pollutant migration, restore its use function, to ensure the safety of environment. The implementation of the project is not only the inevitable requirement of environmental protection, but also the concrete embodiment of the government and enterprises in the concept and social responsibility of the people.

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