Innovation process

Hardships of pioneer work

In 1996, the former Jialing Chemical Plant, with the expectations of thousands of its workers, embarked on a difficult road of restructuring. It was faced with the difficulty to adapt to the society, difficulty to have its workers reemployed and difficulty to get a market opportunity. The fire of hope flickered like a candle in the wind because of the backward technology it used.

Undaunted by repeated setbacks

In 2003, the company succeeded in using the continuous liquid-phase oxidation technique in production and initial industrialization was achieved after 20 years of hard work. Having experienced the bitterness of negative profit, environmental pollution accusation, having to relocate ... the company knows that moving forward is the only way out.

Breaking out of the cocoon as a butterfly

In 2009, the company, relying on scientific and technological progress and a product development pattern that focuses on potassium permanganate, won a number of invention patents and its product sales topped the world for six consecutive years. At that time, the company led a revolution in the inorganic salt industry.

Making perfection still more perfect

In 2011, the company cooperated with Gansu-Tibet Yinchen Chromic Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. in transplanting its patent technology from manganese products to chromium product, which was another attempt of technological innovation and made the traditional sense of "chromium being horribly fatal" out of date.

Opening a new road

From 2012 to 2015, the company successfully used product residues to develop new environmentally friendly materials and iron oxide powder, an example of making the best use of everything. This is a responsibility the company should assume to the human society.

Standing on the tidehead

Using its product superiority, the company is committed to promoting the protection of water resources, providing professional services that combine products, equipment and technical support into a single lot. Letting everyone drink water without worrying about their health is a requirement the times have imposed on the company.

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