Production safety

To ensure and realize production safety is a must for an enterprise to stay in the market and the world and is also the enterprise’s responsibility to its employees and the society.

Responsibility for safety

There are some unsafe or dangerous factors in the process of chemical production. The importance of production safety lies in the prevention or elimination of the harmful effects on human health and all kinds of accidents to ensure the safety of people's life and property as well as normal production. We are keenly aware that only by realizing the safety of production can the improvement of quality be ensured. Improve the working conditions and taking various technical and organizational measures to prevent hidden danger is the company's major responsibility for fulfilling its commitment to safety management.

Key projects implemented

※ Integration of safety into the process of production and production management and technical renovation to be based on safety and environmental protection;

※ Establishment of a standardized system for production; in 2015, the group passed the production safety standardization review once again and obtained the compulsory attestation certificate, an event that marked the standard-conforming operation of the company for seven years running;

※ Introduction of US West Point Military Academy’s management philosophy of “No Excuse”; imposition of the upper-limit penalty and top-level accountability to strengthen the employees’ awareness of safety and responsibility;

※ Invitation of experts to carry out training of the employees on safety to improve their work proficiency and strengthen the role of group management;

※ Practicing "four all" safety management, that is, all employees, all days, all processes and all directions;

※ Holding the "hundred-day safety assurance” activity every year to solve production safety problems, eliminate violations of regulations and prevent accidents;

※ Organizing emergency response drills every year, which are attended by the firefighting, safety, public security, quality supervision and other units and allow wider social participation in supervision and management.

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