Baiyin Changyuan Chemical Co. Ltd.

Company profile:

Baiyin Changyuan Chemical Co. Ltd. (formerly Gansu-Tibet Yinchen Chromate Chemical Co. Ltd.) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chongqing Changyuan Chemical Group Co. Ltd. It was founded in December 24, 2012 after taking over from Tibet Mining Development Co., Ltd. by stock transferring, acquisition and renaming. The company is located on No. 111 Yinshan Road, Baiyin District and covers an area of 158,000 square meters. With a registered capital of RMB 141.94 million yuan, the company is specialized in the production and sales of potassium permanganate, sodium dichromate, chromic anhydride and iron oxide red products. Through corporate integration and production technology upgrading, the company has the internationally leading chromate production technology and the domestically leading sodium chromate production technology. People turn pale at the mention of chromium as is so common in the industry, but the company has changed this situation and is doing its best to better meet customer needs and strive to improve the life of the people.


Global view:

Lead the world in production technology

Worldwide sales and services

Source major raw materials from around the world

Manganate products:

Consolidate and strengthen the leading position in the potassium permanganate market;

Maintain important influence in other potassium permanganate fields;

Deepen research on the downstream demand for permanganate.


Succeed in developing new processes and turning out 100,000 tons of chromate;

Become an important force in domestic chromate production;

Participate in the research and development of downstream products to gain superiority

Exert influence on the global pattern of the industry.

Producer and service provider:

Advanced management、High operation efficiency、Environment friendly、Resource saving、Good customer orientation、Good profitability、Social responsibility

Key projects implemented:

(1) Promotion of chromate industrialization to reduce the production cost;

(2) Introduction of the 100,000-ton chromate project with new clean production processes built and put into production;

(3) Building of the production capacity subsequent high value-added products such as chromic anhydride to yield profit;

(4) Building of new, automated production facilities representative of the world’s first rate;

(5) Undertaking of soil treatment projects.

Contact Information:

ADDRESS:Dujiaba Industrial Park, Rongchang District, Chongqing Municipality, Chongqing




Brief description of core products:

Product description:

Chromate is one of the main products of China’s inorganic chemical industry. It is widely used in metallurgy, leather, paints, dyes, fragrances, metal surface treatment, wood preservative, military and other industries and has been listed as one of the most competitive eight resource-type raw materials products. The main chromate products include sodium dichromate and chromic anhydride together with a small quantity of potassium dichromate, chromium oxide green, chromium sulphate and chromium pigment etc.

Process route evolution:

(1) Calcium sintering process, obsoleted

(2) Non-calcium sintering process, restricted

(3) Potassium carbonate liquid-phase oxidation and recycling chromate producing process, clean and encouraged

(4) Pneumatic fluidization tower continuous chromate producing process, clean and encouraged

Technological advantage:

(1) Sodium chromate producing process: identified as internationally advanced by Sinopec on March 11, 2011.

⊙Simple materials (sodium hydroxide, chrome, air), no additive used, slags are made into sellable products;

⊙Small amount of slag produced, which is equivalent to only 1/4 of that from the calcium sintering process;

⊙Low reaction temperature;

⊙High unit capacity output, which is 11 times that of the calcium sintering process.

(2)Continuous ion-exchange membrane process:Identified as domestically advanced by Gansu Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission on April 26, 2014.

⊙The by-product, sodium hydroxide is recycled;

⊙No chromium-containing sodium sulfate (Glauber's salt) is produced;

⊙High degree of automation.

Wet oxidation iron powder producing process: Identified as internationally advanced by Gansu Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission on November 11, 2014.

⊙Chromium slag is easy to dispose of using the wet method;

⊙Content of hexavalent chromium is far lower than that is specified in the "Standard Specification for Identification of Hazardous Wastes: leaching toxicity identification" (GB5085.3-2007);

⊙Iron oxide powder is used as a raw material to make iron alloys;

⊙More beneficial than using the dry method.

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