Human is closely related to chemical industry in all aspects of life. In modern life, human almost cannot live without chemical products whenever and wherever possible. Human needs to be served by chemical products from material lives like clothing, food, shelter and travel to spiritual lives like culture, art and entertainment. Some chemical products play important epoch-making roles in the history of human development.


  • Potassium permanganate for food industry
  • Industrial grade potassium permanganate
  • Sodium permanganate for food industry

The products are dangerous chemicals. The above instructions and methods are used only for reference. The above products shall be used correctly under the guidance of special work instructions. This website shall not take the responsibility of any behavior in violation of the special work instructions.

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Potassium permanganate for food industry

Removal of impurities in alcohol production Organic impurities can be removed from recovered gas by means of strong oxidizing property of potassium permanganate, that is, impurities are removed from carbon dioxide recovered in alcohol production process. Carbon dioxide of alcohol plant is produced with alcoholic fermentation. Carbon dioxide gas recovered containing some ethanol vapor and some other organic compounds must be purified in order to obtain highly purified carbon dioxide. After foam removal by gas-liquid separator, carbon dioxide enters into water scrubber for removal of ethanol vapor and some impurities. This process is a very important link, but it cannot remove all impuriteis. However, week alcohol recovered is relatively considerable, accounting for about 0.8% of ethanol yield. After being recovered and scrubbed by week alcohol, carbon dioxide gas enters into a potassium permanganate scrubber,and organic compounds can be removed from the gas by means of strong oxidizing property of potassium permanganate. After being scrubbed by potassium permanganate, the gas enters into a clear water scrubber to wash off potassium permanganate possibly included in the gas so as to aviod affecting subsequent devices.
Gas purification in beverage production By means of strong oxidizing property of potassium permanganate,methanol, aldehyde, ethanol, aether, ethyl acetate, isobutyl alcohol, etc can be purified from carbon dioxide gas. The product is mainly used for purification of carbon dioxide gas in beverage inductry and also in chemical industry, food industry, brewing industry, etc. Carbon dioxide gas is purified relying on oxidability of potassium permanganate. Pour its solution (find that its basic concentration is 1.5:5000) into carbon dioxide purifier to purify carbon dioxide gas and seperate impurities.
Fruit preservation In storage process, fruits release ethylene to mature themselves. Diatomite dipped in acid solution of potassium permanganate can absorb ethylene released by fruits so as to realize fruit preservation. Put diatomite dipped in acid solution of potassium permanganate in the container with fruits, and absorb ethylene released by fruits by means of potassium permanganate solution to prevent the fruits from being premature.
Sterilization of bathing necessities, spittoon, etc By oxidizability of potassium permanganate. Potassium permanganate solution with 0.3% concentration can be used to sterilize bathing necessities and spittoon;
Sterilization of vegetables, fruits, dinner set, etc It can have a sterilization effect by means of its oxidability.

1. For sterilization, apparatus can be soaked in 1:1000 potassium permanganate powder for 15 minites and then rinsed with water.

2. After being polluted by bacteria, fruits and vegetables can be soaked in the solution with this concentration for 5 minutes to realize the sterilization without change of their colors and taste.

Industrial grade potassium permanganate、Potassium permanganate for food industry、Sodium permanganate for food industry

Marking and guiding Potassium permanganate which is dark violet lens and will be prunosus after being mixed with water can be used for marking or guiding by means of this characteristic If a person loses his way in snowfield, he can spread potassium permanganate praticles on the snowfield to form purple marks to guide rescuers. Its color can only be kept for about 2 hours as usual.
Water purificaiton in the field Potassium permanganate/natrium is a kind of conventional additive for water purification in waterworks. By means of oxidability of potassium permanganate, the water taken in the field can be purified. When the water is taken in the field, add 3 to 4 potassium permanganates into 1L water, and drink the water after 30 minutes.

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