Chongqing Changnong Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd.

Company profile:

Chongqing Changnong Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chongqing Changyuan Chemical Group Co., Ltd. It was founded in March 2009 with its production base located in Rongchang District. The company's main product is the autoclaved aerated concrete block which is a new type of environment-friendly building material widely used in municipal construction, housing, building decoration and other construction industries. Adhering to the "quality-oriented" production and management philosophy, the company is committed to the practical research and redevelopment of national production technology patents to provide customers with quality products and services.

Product Description:

1. Production background:

The comprehensive utilization of resources is a long-term strategic guideline in the development of the national economy and society, which is of great significance to the purpose of saving resources and protecting the environment. The company's autoclaved aerated concrete block is a new type of wall material conceived in the background in which the comprehensive utilization of resources is encouraged, the demand spurred by rapid urban construction is to be met, the industrial policy on wall material innovation must be complied and the sustainable development strategy is to be carried out.

2. Advantages:

(1) Lightweight

The aerated concrete block generally weighs 500-700 kg/m3, equivalent to 1/4-1/3 of a clay brick and lime-sand brick and 1/5 of the ordinary concrete. Lighter than other types of concrete, this material is suitable for making filled walls of high-rise buildings and load-bearing walls of low-rise buildings. By using this material, the weight of the whole building can be reduced by more than 40%. Reduced weight of the building results in reduced seismic damage and much improved resistance to earthquakes.

(2) Thermal insulation

The thermal conductivity of aerated concrete is generally 0.11-0.18w/m·K, only 1/4-1/5 of the clay brick (0.4-0.58w/m·K) and the lime-sand brick (0.528w/m·k) and about 1/6 of the ordinary concrete. Practice has proved that a 20cm-thick aerated concrete wall is as thermally insulative as a 49cm-thick clay brick wall and its thermal insulation performance is also significantly superior to a 24cm-thick brick wall. By using this material, the thickness of the wall is greatly reduced, the effective floor area of the building enlarged correspondingly, the building materials saved, the construction efficiency is improved, the project cost reduced and the weight of the building lightened.

(3) High strength

The aerated concrete block has a compressive strength greater than 25 kg/cm2, which is equivalent to that of a No. 125 clay brick and lime-sand brick.

(4) Seismic resistance

Aerated concrete has the advantages of light weight, good overall performance and small inertia force in earthquake and good seismic resistance. It is reported that in Tangshan, Fengnan and other places hit by earthquake at a magnitude of 7.8 buildings made of aerated concrete had only a few cracks in them whereas the conventional brick masonry structure almost had all collapsed as was found in an investigation after the earthquake. The two buildings, similar in structure but different in material, were not far apart but the damage caused by the earthquake to them was a sharp contrast, thus the product's seismic resistance was confirmed.

(5) High workability

Aerated concrete has a good workability. It can be sawn, drilled, nailed, planed, carved, etc., making embedded pipeline installation and second-time interior decoration easy. Steel reinforcement bars can be added during manufacturing, making construction easy and flexible. In addition, construction using aerated concrete products is dry operation, which site management easy to the construction unit.

(6) High temperature resistance

The compressive strength of aerated concrete increases slightly when the temperature is 600℃. When the temperature is about 600℃, its compressive strength is close to that at room temperature. So the fireproof performance of aerated concrete as a building material is up to Level I of the national fire prevention standard specification.

(7) Sound-proof performance

It is known that the pore structure of aerated concrete is like that of a bread in which a large number of closed pores are distributed evenly and this provides it with a sound absorbing property which ordinary building materials do not have.

3. Comparison of performance data:


With the development of economy and society, the pace of urban construction is obviously speeding up. Backward products and production capacity will gradually exit the market and the new, good-quality, environment-protective building materials will stand on the historical stage and, while increasing the market share, gradually play a greater role.

Contact information:

ADDRESS:Dujiaba Industrial Park, Rongchang District, Chongqing Municipality



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