As basic chemical materials, many products produced by our company are used widely in weaving and tannage industries. With strong oxidizing property, potassium permanganate and sodium dichromate can be used to bleach leather. The leather tanned with chromic salt is stable. Chromic salt is a kind of important tanning agent.


  • Sodium dichromate for tannage
  • Chromic anhydride for tannage
  • Potassium permanganate for tannage

The products are dangerous chemicals. The above instructions and methods are used for reference. The above products shall be used under the guidance of special work instructions. This website shall not take the responsibility of any behavior in violation of the special work instructions.

  • Tanning

Sodium dichromate for tannage Chromic anhydride for tannage

Removal of fat impurities Because of coordinating ability of chromic salt with carboxyl of collagen, chromic salt can form coordinate bond together with collagen fiber so as to enhance chemical resistant stability and mechanical stability of natural high polymer material, remove such impurities as animal fat on pelt and make the treated leather softer and cleaner. When chrome tanning agent is used for tannage, triatomic base chrome complex is combined and crosslinked with carboxyl on side chain of collagen, enhancing structural stability of collagen. Triatomic base chromic salt having good tanning property is a kind of the most important tanning agent. For trivalent chromic salt (chrome tanning agent) having tanning property, basic chrome sulphate is typical. Its main raw material is aqueous solution of potassium dichromate (lead sulfate) or sodium dichromate and sulfuric acid, and it is reduced by carbohydrate (mainly cerelose). It is applicable to tanning of all kinds of leather and pelt. After being age, basic chrome sulphate forms chrome complex having tanning property whose extent can be expressed as alkalinity. So-called alkalinity is ratio of total equivalent of hydroxyl (OH) to total equivalent of chrome in chrome complex in percent. The higher the alkalinity is, the bigger the molecule of chrome complex is, i.e., combining capacity with leather protein is strong.


For bleaching in leather tanning In acid medium: 2KMnO4+3H2SO4---→K2SO4+2MnSO4+3H2O+5「O」

Active oxygen separated from potassium permanganate solution could destory natural pigment and lignin of fiber so as to eliminate the pigment permanently.


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