The Rongchang Branch of Chongqing Changyuan Chemical Group Co., Ltd.,

Company profile:

Covering an area of 260,000 square meters, the Rongchang Branch of Chongqing Changyuan Chemical Group Co., Ltd., the group’s headquarters with its production base in Rongchang District of Chongqing Municipality, is located at the junction of Sichuan Province and Chongqing Municipality, where transportation is fairly convenient. Relying on the internationally advanced "patent technology of continuous liquid phase oxidation process", the company specializes in the production and supply of potassium permanganate and sodium permanganate series products for the markets of military equipment, aerospace, medicine, water treatment, animal husbandry, textile, and semiconductor and electronics. As the headquarters of the group, the Rongchang production base also plays an important role in technology research and development, personnel training and output, international leading technology promotion and technical support for branches and subsidiaries of the group. As the first chemical enterprise introduced into the locality, the company has steadily developed and become the largest local taxpayer, making great efforts for the local economic development, labor employment and co-building and sharing of the economic achievement.

Product superiority:

Leading product in the market

Conforming to the industrial policy

Encouraging cleaner and environmentally friendly production processes

Raw material resources in good supply

Key projects implemented:

(1) In cooperation with international law firms, actively quickened the anti-dumping lawsuit process concerning the potassium permanganate export to the United States, making efforts to create a normal market environment for the international trade of potassium permanganate

(2) Brought technological innovation into the long-term planning of the company, and formulate a series of innovative project implementation plans, including "humanistic automatic renovation";

(3) In response to the "Industry 4.0" initiative, participated in the " enforcement of standards on integration of informationization with industrialization" to promote the implementation of modern enterprise management;

(4) Undertaken continuous development of high-quality products.

Scope of business:

Production and sales of potassium permanganate product series

Production and sales of sodium permanganate product series

Pre-sales and after-sales technical service

Industry technical support


Rongchang is the base for the group company to develop and carry out technological innovation. In 2003, the company was moved from Chongqing to Rongchang and its operation has been gradually brought back on track after its production capability rebuilding, technological innovation and restaffing. Manganate patents have been put into practice and application, environment-friendly production processes certified, group company founded and modern management pushed forward here. Ranching is where the group company is based and also where its subsidiaries develop and prosper, and plays an important irreplaceable role.

Contact information:

ADDRESS:Dujiaba Industrial Park, Rongchang District, Chongqing Municipality, Chongqing




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