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1.Physicochemical Property:
Chinese name: 高锰酸钠 English name: Sodium permanganate
Chinese alternative name: 高锰酸钠水合物 English alternative name: manganese, olatotrioxo-, sodium salt (1:1); Sodium oxido(trioxo)manganese
CAS:10101-50-5[1]  EINECS:233-251-1
Molecular formula: NaMnO4 Molecular weight: 141.9254
Melting point: 170℃ (Decomposition) Boiling point: 110℃
Solubility: dissoluble in water, ethyl alcohol, diethyl ether and liquid ammonia
Appearance: amaranth liquid


2.Function and Uses
It can be used as antidote and metal cleaner of oxidizing agent, sanitizer, sterilizing agent, morphine and phosphorus. It finds application in manufacturing of saccharin with methylbenzene process, refined fabrication of ortho toluenesulfonamide and treatment of organic-composite phenolic wastewater, etc. In addition, it can be also used in settlement of circuit board printing, grease removal of electroplating and chemical fiber as well as removal of odor in hydrogen sulfide.


3.Preparation Methods
Chlorine Hydrocarbonylation
Recrystalization Replacement Reaction Method
Calcination Oxidization
Other methods


4.Hazardous Characteristics
It is a strong oxidizing agent, which will explode when it meets with sulfuric acid and ammonium salt or peroxidating hydrogen; it will cause spontaneous combustion when meeting with glycerine; and it has risk of combustion explosion in case it contacts or mixes with organic materials, reducers, flammable materials such as sulphur and phosphorus.
Combustion (decomposition) product: manganese oxide


5.Emergency Processing
Contaminated areas are isolated and access to them is restricted. It is suggested that emergency personnel put on self-contained breathing apparatus and wear noddy suit. They shall not directly contact the leaked matters, and the leaked matters are not allowed to contact organic matters, reducing agent and inflammables. For a small amount of leaked matters, mix them with sand, dry lime or soda ash, and collect and put them into closed containers and make marks, waiting process there. For a large number of leakages, cover them with plastic cloth or canvas, to be collected and recycled, or transported to waste treating sites for disposal.


6.Safe Storage Condition
Store them into cool and ventilated warehouses, and keep them away from tinder and heat source, and its packaging must be sealed.


7.Product Classification

Chemical Treating Agent Potassium Permanganate Used for Smelting

Military Industry Field Use Sodium Permanganate

Circuit Board Treating Agent Sodium Permanganate

Aniline-eliminating Type Sodium Permanganate

Chemical Materials Grade Sodium Permanganate

Chemical Materials Grade Sodium Chromate

Chemical Reagent Sodium Permanganate

Medical Sterilization Grade Sodium Permanganate

Sodium Permanganate Used for Food Industry


8. Fields
Smelting and Military Industry
Electron Industry
Water Treatment and Environmental Protection
Chemical Materials


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